Tour de France

Guest post written by Paul Anthony

I don’t know what it is about the Tour de France this year that has me glued to the TV. Maybe it’s because my roommate is obsessed with it.

Either way, I’ve been following it religiously with my direct tv wild blue. It’s great that I don’t have to watch it all the time in case I miss something like I did with the World Cup. While I’m at work I check in with the Tour’s official website with wild blue internet and follow the race live. It’s also helpful to look at the little map to see the route that they’re taking.

Watching it really makes me want to go and watch it next time. I love looking at all the beautiful French scenery. Maybe if I can’t make it there during the next Tour de France I can at least go and take a sightseeing trip and play tourist for a week or two. I had a friend who recently went because her cousin is teaching at a university there. He said it was amazing and if I do end up going that he can give me her contact information so she can show me around or at least point me toward sites I should see.