15 Items or Less

This guest post from Alice Wall

I am a list person and I always keep a running list of items I need at the grocery store. I don't go on a specific day each week but I usually go when there are ten items on my grocery list. I'm not a huge fan of waiting in lines so I like to go to the express lane for fifteen or less items. The reason I wait until there are ten items on the list instead of fifteen is because when I set the limit at ten I still have plenty of wiggle room for impulsive purchases or things that may have slipped my mind. Each week like clockwork I will go through seven frozen pizzas, a case of Coke Zero , and a bottle of coffee creamer. Occasionally I will need some potato chips or ice cream for a snack but I'm hardly at home long enough o need anything besides a frozen pizza and a can of soda. I'm no health nut as I'm sure it is obvious but I know what I like and I am in relatively good shape regardless. I keep the list on a magnetic notepad on the front of the fridge and I keep a pen handy on top to write things down. Every day I count the list and decide if it is time to set the alarm system and head down to the store.