Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food And Finding Calm

It's DC Restaurant Week and I am looking forward to trying three restaurants this week. PW and I will be dining at:
I will try to post my reviews at my food blog, Edible Hunts, and this is if I won't devour the food before I even get a chance to take some photos.


My family problems, I think, are starting to take care of themselves. Thank you to those who left encouraging messages; I really appreciate all your thoughtful and caring messages.

I am beginning to find peace and calm within - again.


  1. Yummmm on the upper part of this post. The PALM was just featured on TOP CHEF. Tis the place for power lunch they say.

    Will wait for those yummy posts.

  2. There are too many restos registered as Marrakesh. Just recently saw one in Kuala Lumpur.

    I'm happy that you feel more peaceful now. Take care.

  3. @ Photo Cache, I'm excited to try this Palm in our area. The one in Las Vegas is superb.

    @ Wits, I've included a link and the whole name of the restaurant. Thanks.

  4. you have a food blog pala? :)

    i'm happy with your happy news kayni! sana tuloy tuloy na that the problem will be resolved!