Home Improvement

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

Home Improvement is a great show to watch by yourself or with your family. I always watch it on my satellite television that I got after asking my self how much does cable tv cost per month. Tim is the dad that has his own home improvement show named Tool Time. He has a wife named Jill and three young boys at home. Al is Tim's assistant on the show. The show is really funny. When Tim is working they are trying to show people how to fix cars and houses. Tim always messes that up. He likes to add more man power to every tool or appliance that he gets his hands on. Which usually does not work and something gets destroyed. The staff up at the hospital knows him very well because he is always there with some type of injury. In one episode, Jill lets Tim drive her car to work and the happen to be putting up some steel I beams. Tim ends up pushing the wrong button and dropping the beam right on top of her car. He puts it in the shop and tries to hide it from her. She ends up going to the shop before it is finished and seeing the car crushed. Cast includes Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, and Richard Karn. This show is hilarious, Tim is always tearing something up or hurting himself in each episode. You will be laughing!