Monday, August 30, 2010

Marrakesh Palace

A few minutes walk from Dupont Circle's metro station, you'll step into a very interesting dining experience...

 Marrakesh Palace doesn't look much outside, but don't be deceived.
As a start, you'll get a huge serving of olives and bread.
 You'll marvel at the cushioned seats, lamps, torches and the intricate designs on the wall.
A fountain center piece.
The restaurant's set up and design creates a feeling that you're not in DC anymore.

If you'd like to look at the food photos, please click here.


  1. Oh my! The place looks amazing! I'm sure you enjoyed the food. They all look lovely in photos.

    You take really good pictures Kayni. But I hope one day, you'd include a picture of you in one of your travel jaunts. take care and keep those mouth-watering photos coming.

  2. Love themed restaurants. I once went inside a blah exterior of a restaurant but inside was like a Moroccan tent. It enhances the dining experience.

  3. wow! the place looks so different, especially with the tiles. ;)

  4. I've tried a number of Moroccan dishes but haven't dined inside a Moroccan restaurant like that. Normally, the food comes from caterers or colleagues. It must be an interesting experience to check that themed restaurant.

  5. Hahaha. Interesting. I love decor like that. Quirky and out of place.

  6. I've never had Moroccan cuisine.
    But when I think of Moroccan food I am reminded of that Ben Stiller movie "Along Came Polly" where he had a date with Polly at a Moroccan resto and unfortunately his tummy didn't quite agree with the food! he he he

  7. yeah it feels like you're in a Middle Eastern country. i love olives!!!! :)

  8. what a lovely place! and those olives!!! Yum :) I love olives.

  9. @ Bittersweet, Thank you, and I do love photography and hope to get better.

    @ Photo Cache, I agree. The decor and theme enhances the mood for me.

    @ Kg, Yes, the interior is really nice.

    @ Wits, The restaurant theme really created a great mood for eating. There's belly dancing every night at that place, but we ate too early.

    @ Daphne, Yes, I remember that movie. This restaurant served their food on plates. Their food is quite spicy and lots of herbs. Thank goodness I don't

    @ Ibyang and Kate, I love olives to.

  10. Seeing your blog thumbnail, I instantly wondered if you were here in the mid-east =)

  11. that restaurant looks so different from the outside - amazing, you must feel like you are in another world once you are inside ;)