Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Peek: Home Office

Finally, my home office is ready to face the world. The project to renovate this room started about a couple of weeks ago, but due to the heat wave, we had to postpone working on the second floor due to the unbearable heat. Anyway, thank you to PW for spending the whole Saturday adding all the finishing touches, while I went out with R for some shopping and eating. Here are the before and after photos.


I didn't like the brown wall and the thick, heavy curtain so we took those off. I think this was formerly a kid's room due to the stickers on the wall.

The brown wall and curtain really made the room dark.

When the brown covering came off, this is what we have to deal with - ugly. This wall required so much spackling and sanding.


With newly painted walls...

All new - bookcase, curtain added.

I thought the paint and the softer curtain brightened the room.

Welcome to my home office :)


  1. wow, really really nice. i love white walls! :) enjoy your new home office.

  2. Thats a lovely room Kayni. Thumbs up for a great job :)

  3. A total transformation =)
    Have a great time!

  4. oh you did a fantastic job! like you i don't like dark walls and dark interiors. i want a house with all white walls with breezy fresh air and natural light =)

    bet you can really concentrate here for work =)

  5. Kayni, what a transformation! Clean walls opens the mind for so many new possibilities. Hopefully your renovated room will inspire you and help you find peace.

  6. wow kayni, that's work friendly na! i love the simplicity of it!

    are you now working from home?

  7. wow, you got a cozy corner there.

    ..thanks for swinging into my blog (entry for PEBA). good luck! cheers from penang, my.

  8. Wow I love it. Quite nice. I like the minimalist look and effect. =)
    Thanks to your 'handy man', PW you now have a very lovely home office.

  9. wow, i like it! white walls are elegant but shadows may appear? hehe joke!

  10. That's a very refreshing and relaxing room Kayni, ideal for homework talaga. Are you planning to add something pa?

  11. That's a nice and cozy looking home office. Great job!

  12. Your office looks amazing! I could get really inspired in there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I finally got around to voting for your essay! I hope you win! *hugs* Candace