Friday, August 6, 2010

Pho For A Rainy Day

Tái, Nạm, Gầu, Gân, Sách
With medium rare steak, flank, fatty flank, tendon and tripe

What can I say, DC Metro is proving to be a transportation of mediocrity these days. It's appalling that they have the audacity to raise fares yet their service is seriously deteriorating. It makes me wonder what I am paying for and where is my money going. Yesterday was another Metro day marred with crowded trains, non-working escalators, stop and go traffic, and train delays. I can't hold back my huge disappointment any longer. DC Metro sucks!

After my long ordeal with the Metro, I reached my last station at 7 PM. It also started pouring again, and I was too tired, too frustrated, and too hungry to drive home and still cook dinner. I decided to check out Pho & Grill (Gaithersburg) instead; I pass it on my drive to 270.  Besides, I really needed a place to just relax and let go of my negative emotions before I go home. I've passed through the place several times but never got the chance to try their food.  I know that the nearby Rockville area boasts of really delicious tasting Pho, so I came in with expectation that Pho & Grill could rival the Pho restaurants in Rockville, I wasn't disappointed.

 Gỏi Cuốn
Summer Rolls

The restaurant is very clean - almost gleaming. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. After placing my order, I chose a table near the entrance where I could watch the rain through the glass walls. My order arrived in a few minutes and the manager even served my food. Noticing that I was taking my time eating and watching the rain, the manager even asked me if I wanted my peanut sauce warmed up for my summer rolls. The summer rolls were delicious and the sauce sweet and not too peanuty.

On a rainy and frustrating day, life feels good again; my smile revived by the wonderful customer service, a warm bowl of delicious Pho, and a nice view of the pouring rain. I'm so glad it's Friday; I won't ride the Metro for at least two days.


  1. Wow, looks good!

    We were able to try pho during our trip to Vietnam last year, we had it for every meal! Now I'm craving for a bowl. Oh, I'll probably yearn for this next time it rains!

  2. is the heat wave over na? back to rain and snow? :)

  3. i love pho!
    hahaha, now i'm craving too. :P

    how are you though? you feeling much better now?

  4. those summer rolls looked yummy. and that's one very observant and thoughtful manager.

    when i've had a long day, i also just meet up with the husband after work and suggest that we eat out. my work entails giving service to people so sometimes at the end of the day, i just want to be served, i just want to be taken cared of.

    have a stress-free week ahead :)

  5. I'm craving for pho even though it's really hot here.

  6. I have the same order as you - pho and summer rolls each time I go to a pho house.

    We were coming back from a wonderful drive out in coast last Friday when around 9 pm we decided to stop at our favorite pho place only to be told they were closed!

    In short, I didn't get my pho fix this weekend.