Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tysons Corner Center

While waiting for our dinner reservation at The Palm, we explored the known upscale, largest shopping mall in the state and in the Baltimore-Washington area. The whole set up of the mall is impressive. Unfortunately, most stores there sell stuff I can't afford, so we just stuck to window shopping and taking photos.

 Plenty of space.
 Not crowded for a Sunday afternoon.
 Behind the potted plant is Juicy Couture.
 One of the art/sculpture displays made of Murano glass from Italy.
 Obviously a lot of thinking and design was put into this place.
 The Maserati on display and check out that island of "living room with piano" set up. This is one reason I love this mall because there's plenty of places to seat and relax.
 I love the potted plants on this section.

Happy Wednesday to all!


  1. not crowded at all - must be reflection of the economic situation.

    it's too clean, isn't it? looks very new.

  2. reminds me of ayala malls, esp glorietta. :)

    for a sunday, there seems too few people ha! try going to a mall here in manila on a sunday!

  3. wow! very spacious. but i bet everything they sell there are very much expensive.

  4. I need to visit that area sometimes. Looks like a great place to visit!

    Hope you are doing well,