Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Velletri Wine Festival

More photos found from my photo disc.

My classmates and I decided to attend a wine festival in a town called Velletri (Lazio). From Roma Termini, it was a 45-minute train to Velletri. From noisy Rome, we were whisked to a quiet, mountainous town.
Wine and grapes
The town has an old, quiet and friendly feeling
The town center of Velletri
Decorations everywhere
This fountain is at the center of the town
You pay 1 Euro for an all-day event of tasting wine and eating all sorts of pastries and chocolates.

We spent most of the day wine testing and eating, so when it was time to go home, we were so buzzed that we missed our train; we then decided to take the bus instead. We trudged to the town's bus station, bought our tickets and boarded one of the parked buses. I dozed off after finding an empty seat. The bus was passing through mountains and villages when I woke up. I looked out the window and nothin looked familiar at all.  While one of my classmates started conversing with the bus driver, she just started laughing because we were heading further away from Rome. Unfortunately, we also boarded the wrong bus. All I could do was laugh in my seat while my classmates and I asked the bus driver to drop us at the next stop where we can catch a bus headed to Rome.

After sleepily waiting for an hour (seated on the side of the road), we finally boarded the right bus. At that time, all I wanted to do was sleep, and snooze I did all the way back to Rome.


  1. what a steal for all you can taste drinks and eats at 1 euro.

    you must have had lasting memories of this wonderful country.

    returning for a visit?

  2. what a funny story kayni! yan ang effects ng too much wine!

    love your pics!

  3. everything at only 1 euro, wow! malalasing ka nga nyan at makakarating sa kung saan. hehehe. just kidding!

  4. hi kayni! what an adventure you had there! that's what you get when you pay a euro for all-day wine! lol