Wednesday, September 15, 2010

City Of Niagara Falls, Canada

We crossed the Canadian border at about 2 AM. The border patrol was smiling as we handed our passports. Once we reached the city, we could hear the waterfalls from a distance; we were so excited. This is the second time I visited Niagara Falls, but really, with the power and beauty of the Niagara Falls, you'll never get tired of staring at that nature's wonder. Since we got in the area too early in the morning, we decided to sleep in the car and wait for daylight. I think this is why I got sick in the first place; it was windy and cold that morning and I was so unprepared for the cooler temperature in the north. Sheesh, Maryland was still humid and hot when we left so I only packed the thinnest jacket I could find not knowing the sudden drop of temperature to where we were heading.

Here are a few photos I took around the City of Niagara Falls.

Rainbow Bridge
There were lots of blooming flowers around the city
Hotels from all directions
The city is made charming by the well placed greenery
You can ride this tram to reach the waterfalls quicker
It's a quick ride
and here's a spectacular view while you ride the tram
Illusion? It looks like this building is paper thin
View from our hotel
The Skylon Tower
Ride the yellow pill all the way up
Niagara Falls has so many attractions, from getting soaked riding the Maid of the Mist to dining at rotating towers, but it is the view of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls that is absolutely captivating
Powerful and beautiful

A wonderful Wednesday to all!


  1. beautiful pictures.. as if i could hear the roaring falls ! wow! now i'm curious is that a real building - the one that looks paper thin? wondering..

  2. you need passport to cross the canadian border????

    i like that building- it piqued my curiousity to find what's inside.

    i like to visit this place someday. i wonder if fall is a good time to see it.

  3. kayni, sooooo beautiful!!! as in!

    yung building na yun, is it really paper thin or just from an angle?

    ang ganda ganda!

  4. beautiful!

    i'm a bit confused: Niagara straddles Canada and the US?

  5. I've always wanted to be there! Visit me on my new site at

  6. breathtaking!! I could almost hear the water falls.

    That's a great view from your hotel room. you know, most of our friends here are thinking of applying to work in Canada hehe

    Thank you for the free tour!

  7. Sigh, Niagara Falls is absolutely breathtaking! I remember urging my cousin to go there because I believe that being in Canada is incomplete without going. And I'm glad she did. :)

    Hope you feel OK now, and the infection is gone. Take care!

  8. @ Toni, The building is real. It's triangular on that side I took the photo.

    @ Photo Cache, Yes, you now need a passport to cross into Canada. With my past two trips to Canada, all I needed to show was my DL, now passports are required.

    That building is a hotel. Fall might be a good time, but it will be a lot colder. I visited during winter the last time, it's still pretty.

    @ Angeli, Yes, Niagara Falls is split in two waterfalls, one on the US side and the bigger one (Horseshoe Falls) on the Canadian side.

    @ Sheng, I'll visit your new site :).

    @ Kero, There are so many Filipinos where I visited - Oakville. Canada is a nice place to work. I like it there :).

    @ Lene, It's absolutely breathtaking. I'm feeling much better now. Thank you.

  9. Wooooow! From the thin building to the breathtaking (I actually found it mindblowing) falls, nice! Your photos are so alive. :)

  10. wow! leaves me breathless. ang ganda. i hope we can visit there one day =)

  11. wow your photos are amazing. i loved all the photos of the water, very refreshing!c

  12. Whenever I see Niagra falls, I always goes wow! It's my dream to see Niagara :)

    Lovely Photos Kayni. Thanks for sharing!

  13. your pictures made me wow! breathtaking falls, looks so alive.

    thank you for sharing them with us!

  14. wonderful pictures Kayni! for now, i just have to satisfy myself with your travelog... hanggang someday na lang ako, haha...