Friday, September 17, 2010

A Familiar Face

It was our second day in Niagara Falls. I was busy snapping photos as we walked towards the waterfalls when I spotted someone or something familiar. I thought, "That can't be." I slowly approached that familiar face and it is that good ol' familiar Bee. I laughed and snapped a photo.

Do you see him?

How about now? Is that really the Jollibee mascot sticker?

Breaking News!!!

Jollibee mascot sticker spotted at a Niagara Falls sign pole!


  1. I think Jollibee wants to BEE Canadian! Or build a hive in Niagara Falls!

  2. oh wow! Jollibee at the Niagara Falls? i haven't eaten there since 2007. i miss CHICKEN JOY and the AMAZING ALOHA sandwich.

  3. hehehe. jollibee wants to stay in canada.

  4. ang cute!!! kakatuwa pag nakakakita ka ng ganyan sa mga foreign land! he he!

  5. ang galing naman...
    i wasn't a jollibee fan back then. tapos when i first came to korea, ewan why i always thought about it, craved for it. so when i went home last year, i always brought my nieces to the branch nearest to SLU lab..
    how i wish a branch will open here soon too...

  6. That's priceless! Nakakaaliw andyan si Jollibee!

  7. hahaahahah!!! cute ;) akalain mo nandun yung sticker ni Jollibee..ahihih!!!

  8. hahaha :) good job, the busy bee is indeed flying all over ;)

    hmmm makes me think of some cjoy now ;)