Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Thoughts

It's Monday and my thoughts are everywhere.
  • Life is good. Wait! I take that back. Life is GREAT!
  • I still can't believe my brother is here. Although I wish my sister is here too.
  • I love the Baguio made Lengua de gato biscuits and Strawberry Pastillas my sister sent me. 
  • Autumn is here! I'm excited.
  • I'm thinking of going Apple picking again.
  • I love the research part of my job. The other responsibilities I refer to as blah and argh.
  • I'm glad that three of my major house projects are done - office renovation, new roof and gutters. I'm poor, but my house is ready for winter.
  • Six weeks before my vacation and I can't wait.
  • I spilled hot cocoa on my cell phone. Now it's sticky.
It's one rainy Monday here and I'm so sleepy. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Life is grand mix of autumn hues right now, albeit rainy! Have a great week ahead!

  2. @ fortuitous faery, it's still raining here. have a great week as well.

  3. uhmmm... i haven't tried strawberry pastillas yet.

    yeah, life is great. have a happy week ahead kayni!

  4. wow! happyng happy si kayni!@ good for you!

    hope you make the most of your time with your brother. :)

  5. wow! natutuwa ako sa office renovation mo sa house. that is something i really want to have -- my own house with a small office somewhere in the corner.

    kayni, with all your travels, professional achievements (these two i think are intertwined in your line of work? awesome!), it's official -- I. ENVY. YOU.

    but i'm happy for you. :-)

  6. baguio lengua is the best! i'm having house repairs as well and i'm close to poverty, hehehe

  7. I like your header! How times flies no? :) Wow, having your brother is sure fun and absolutely happiness!

    I'll looking forward to visit my sisters too in Singapore this holiday season. (I'm crossing my fingers)

  8. @eks, thank you. i wish that you'll get all your plans fulfilled. basta hard work, patience and dedication.

    @Anna, i love Baguio lengua. I pester my sister once in a while to send me some. after all the house work, my pockets are so empty, but still glad that i'm seeing projects getting done. the beauty of home ownership.

    @Lene, I bet you'll have fun with your sisters in Singapore.

  9. hi Kayni! it was rainy and really cold here yesterday too. i was just glad to wake up to a wonderful sunny tuesday morning...

    autumn is here indeed and it's a bit colder here in our new location. i now have to search for new jackets again.

    i love munching on lengua de gato too.. strawberry pastillas--i still have to try that..

    have a nice tuesday and enjoy the rest of the week...

  10. happy Monday for you!!! have a pleasant week ahead!!

  11. Happy Monday to you! Good to know that your family is there :) Yay for yummy pasalubong from the Philippines <3

  12. Yeah, life is great!

    Strawberry pastillas, haven't tried that yet.

    It rained here yesterday and it was a welcome relief. Now it looks like it's gonna rain again. Loving it.

  13. strawberry pastillas? I gotta try that when we go home.

    Glad you are happy and cheerful again!!

  14. hey kayni! it's a good monday for you, isn't it? =) enjoy the rest of the week with good food and family!