My Sitcom of the Century

Author: Jonathan Suarez

My all time favorite TV sitcom is Two and a Half Men. The Malibu beach house is a good setting for a playboy like Charlie. Alan on the other hand is such a doofus, I can easily see him trying to swim in the sand. Berta has such a dry sense of humor, it is impossible not to laugh at her. You know when she speaks, Charlie and Alan will end up towing the line. Jake is a mass of confusion, a mix between Charlie and Alan, leaning more toward Alan. Allen and Charlie's mother, Evelyn, is a hoot. No wonder the boys, Charlie and Alan, have so many hang ups. Rose is just a flat out nut case. You never know what she is going to pull, but whatever it is will be from the twilight zone. One thing about the Harpers and all their problems, they make for another new episode full of humor. It is the one show I watch that I even like the reruns. Every time I sit down to watch my favorite sitcom on the satellite TV I found at, I am in a lighter mood before I actually hit the chair. The off color humor makes it hard not to smile, even after a long, boring day at work.