Southern Brides

Guest post by Jewel Cole

I love the new 'Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC that takes place in Atlanta. It so much fun to see the southern states get some representation for once. Not that I do not like the New York version of the show but, I am from the south so it is nice to hear people who talk like me! This version of the show is so much fun and it is a lot more serious I think. I turn on my Satellite TV Arkansas and settle into the couch when large marathons are on. I to see when girls come in with complete opposite ideas of dress styles then their mothers. The best is when the consultant is able to find a dress that matches the modern tastes of the daughter for her big day but, the more conservative opinions of the mother who is actually buying the dress. A consultant has to be a stylist, emotional support and a financial adviser all in one breathe! I could not imagine doing that and helping a bride pick out what she will wear on the most important day of her life. I love seeing the different style wedding gowns too. I think it is great fun to think what I may get for my future wedding. This show is great to watch and for future ideas!