Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring Necklace

I won this beautiful spring necklace from sari-saring kulay's birthday giveaway in July, and I love it to bits.  I was so delighted when this necklace finally arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago. I think it's a perfect everyday wear to work. Also, I love that bookmark that came with a cute, mini wooden clip. 

Thank you so much, Caryn.

And if you like handmade stuff, don't forget to check Caryn's etsy shop here.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I envy those who are good with their hands and their imagination translates into money/business :D

    That's a pretty cool accessory.

    I never get to win anything :(

  2. ang ganda! now that's my motivation to join blog contests/giveaways ASAP =)

    Happy Wednesday, Kayni!

  3. Lovely bookmarks =)

    And the necklace -- I see the passion to put the design and beads in them.

  4. oh, how nice. this will surely prep up any outfit:)