Style for Less

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

The Style Network has some of the best fashion shows on my best cable tv deals. I always tune to them when I want to watch a style themed show. The current season line up is full of reality shows and docu-dramas of celebrities and fat children. I do miss Style Network of the past where everything really did focus on fashion. One of my favorite older shows is where they find people on the street or in malls to find a runway look for less. The contestant will have a certain amount of time and several hours to complete the challenge against someone else. They must complete a head to toe look that is reminiscent of the original runway look. I loved to see what items were identical to the designer look and how different people approached the challenge when they could not find what they were looking for. Some people were very creative while others failed miserably and did not often complete the look. These were not difficult looks either- most included a pant, shirt and shoe in funky colors that could easily be found any where. The idea of the show was to show that designer looks could be achieved at any budget or price point. People needed to use the imagination in order to win and if they did not then they lost.


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