Tom is Back in Blue Bloods

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

Did you hear that Tom Selleck is returning to TV? I am such a fan. I fell in love with Tom during his Magnum P.I. days. That was my favorite show for years and I even watched many times in syndication. I also saw Tom play a sheriff in the recent series of Jesse Stone movies. Soon I can see him every week on CBS in the new fall drama called "Blue Bloods." He is playing the role of the New York City police chief named Frank. Apparently, his character's father was a previous police chief plus his children also work in law enforcement. So there will be a blend of family dynamics and police drama. I wonder if the drama will be more emotional or violent or a combination. Either way, this sounds like a perfect fit for Tom. He makes a good and believable cop. He is tough yet personable. He is handsome and rugged. He is a dream guy. I like watching him in powerful roles where he has difficult choices to make. Tom is such a good actor. I will most definitely be watching "Blue Bloods" on my directv on Friday, September 24. I can't wait!


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