Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Is In The Air

I am definitely feeling autumn.

It's not just the crisp, chilly mornings, but everywhere I look - colors are changing. There are also numerous festivals going on in the area. Since it is the harvest season, people are out apple picking or pumpkin hunting. A few blocks from where I work, DC is celebrating the first Free Street Food Event, and I could already hear my coworkers rambling about going.

I am feeling festive today. The pressure is off as my company's last board meeting of the year concluded yesterday, and that I am looking forward to a long weekend. Three and a half to be exact since my office closes at 1 PM on Friday. I can finally breathe and just cruise through the end of the year.

This fall, I have so many things to look forward to:
  • drive to the Shenandoah National Park and marvel at Virginia's fall foliage
  • apple picking and eating apple fritters
  • more time off from work - I've accumulated 140 vacation hours.
  • November trip
  • half days and holidays
  • possibly spending New Year at home in Hawaii
  • family birthdays
  • work holiday luncheon
  • holiday bonus
  • my blog to be included in PEBA's Top Ten Blogs for 2010. (Please vote here.)
I am thankful for everything in my life.


  1. oh Kayni!

    i'm missing "holiday bonus" X n, hehehe.. haay...

  2. we never get holiday bonus :(

    i'm looking forward to a leef peeping drive too.

  3. "140 vacation hours"--pwede makahingi? ang dami nyan ha!

  4. We don't get holiday bonus, just gift card. And if you work on holiday, your pay is doubled.

  5. oh god kayni i love that photo. i always love the feel of autumn, though i never experienced it myself. i am glad everything is okay with you and i am thankful you are happy.

    kayni, i would like to invite you to an event i am hosting at my blog, and your readers too! i hope you can join!

  6. really! office close by 1pm??so envy you...

  7. it's nice to always have something to look forward to, no? sabi nga nila, it makes life worth living.

    happy weekend, kayni! :)

  8. wow! you have it planned all the way to New Year.. :) Enjoy your long weekend, sis!

    I'm still waiting for the autumn leaf that you were gonna send me. Remember? 2 years ago? Hehe!

  9. we have a long weekend here too. 4 days! thank god for breaks like these right? hope you're having a great weekend kayni!

  10. yeah a lot of nice things to look forward to. good luck kayni.

    have a great week ahead!

  11. @pm, i'll be checking your blog today :). this sounds fun.

    @wits, i'm going to europe next month.

    @sis G, i don't think i ever got your address :)

    @mumsified, absolutely, i love long weekends.