Beauty and the Beast

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite animated movie has been Beauty and the Beast. And anytime it's on satellite TV from, I just have to watch it no matter what. I'm just a sucker for the inner beauty storyline where Belle is able to see past the Beast's ferocious looks to see the tender man underneath. Plus, what girl doesn't love animated musicals? Okay, so there are probably plenty who don't, but I happen to be one that loves them. I think all the voice actors and singers who sing on Beauty and the Beast are tremendously talented. Anyway, the story has this creepy, but supposedly hot looking Gaston guy chasing after Belle only because she's the most beautiful girl in town. Turns out though that Belle is something of an intellectual who enjoys reading books and stuff. When her father Maurice is imprisoned by the Beast, Belle offers to take his place. As Belle explores the magical castle where all the servants have been turned into utensils, furniture or whatnot, she begins to see a softer side to the Beast. Just as their romance blooms, Maurice is again in trouble in the village and the Beast, now in love, frees Belle. Belle is forced to give up the location of the Beast. When the Beast is about to perish, Belle confesses her love, reverting the Beast into a man and resulting in happily ever after.