The Best Part of Going to Play Golf

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

When I hit the course, the best part of going to play golf is feeling the club slice through the air and send the ball sailing for the fairway. I love to watch just how far I can send it with a good swing. I try to keep my clubs in good shape and practice with them regularly so that I can keep up on the latest technique. In doing so, I can get me score down and beat my friends in a round.

I like to check them before I leave the house, making sure that they are in good condition. I also make sure that I activate my home security alarm that I purchased from as well. This helps me not to worry while I'm on the course. When I practice, I like to make sure that I work through at least two different clubs each time so that I can check for any bad habits and eliminate them. This way I can keep my swing under control and focus on where want to put the ball.


  1. Golf! What a "sport." More like what a slow event. But hey, to each their own.

    I have been thinking about home security and alarm systems and such. This post has been most helpful to giving me a comparison and what to look for.

    Thank you,


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