Sunday, October 17, 2010

Capturing Fall 2010

Yesterday, I decided to spend a day with my Nikon. I know that my former apartment has these red and yellow maple trees, so I decided that, that was our destination for the day. Nikon and I were not disappointed. The maple trees in my old neighborhood were engulfed in their full autumn glory - waiting to be captured and immortalized.

 As the sun shone directly on the maple tree, it lit up every leaf.
 Yellow maple leaves.
 Vibrant red.
 Maple trees are a favorite.
 Some trees have fully adjusted to autumn, some are still starting.
As the trees change their color in autumn, their leaves fall and pile up to paint the ground yellow and red.


  1. you'll never know it, pero next day lang, baka winter na diyan. :-) hehehe.

    ganda ng mga puno!

  2. @ eks, huwag muna ang winter. nag-aadjust pa lang ako sa musta na?

  3. The sky is so blue, so relaxing =)

    It's just been lately na I was wanting for blue skies, saka ko lang narealize na hot climate "clouds" the skies, hehe.

  4. Ang ganda! Pwede pang header yung mga photos mo Kayni.

  5. amazing! pwedeng pang post card...nd pa evident ang fall dto so i need to to wait for a week or two before i cant start taking pics

  6. nice pictures kayni...

    some of the trees' leaves in our compound are screaming red and yellow already.

    sana nga in a week or 2 pa and sana wag mag fall off agad just like last year. one moment it was still hot, one moment it was too cold and the leaves were already gone by the time we had time to travel.. alex' vacation is scheduled this mid of nov. sana maabutan pa namin saan man kmi pumunta...

  7. hi, kayni. hehehe. sabagay. 1 day at a time. :-)

    mabuti naman kami dito, signal #1 sa amin sa metro manila. but up north, the typhoon i think is a stronger. we're hoping naman na it won't be like ondoy.

  8. And that's probably why Canadians have it on their flag!

    Hey, we both have Nikons!

  9. the first and last photos took my breathe away! i love them, so beautiful! kayni, do you think you can send me your all i want for christmas post so i can give you a partner already? some have sent theirs and we are so excited to swap partners already! thank you!

  10. wonderful colors you got there kayni, i wish i could experience autumn and fall too.

  11. i love the second picture. so simple yet so perfect.

  12. so lovely kayni. autumn is a magical season. you have captured it well :)