Costume Party

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson

Halloween is the most fun time of the year, and shopping for costumes is one of the best things about the day. No matter what age you are, dressing up is a great way to relive the days of yesteryear and forget the real world, if only for a few hours. Every year I dress up and attend a costume party.

Before I leave the house, I turn my home security alarm, from, on, and head out the door. I usually go to the Halloween specialty store that is right down the street for my costume purchase. I love their selection of costumes, as well as the super low prices that they offer. There are so many different costumes, picking the perfect one is so hard! This year I have chosen to dress as a vampire. I purchased my costume, as well as fangs, makeup, and a pair of fantastic books to complete the look. I am very excited to attend the party this year, and can not wait to see the other costumes people will be wearing.


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