Deep Fried Oreos

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

In several trips to the Jersey Shore, I noticed that many of the vendors on the boardwalk sell fried oreos. After buying some, I decided that it would be cheaper to just make them myself. They were absolutely delicious but too expensive when buying them on the boardwalk. Thankfully, when I watched a program on my tv from on how to make fried oreos, I just had to give the recipe a try!

To make the fried oreos, you just take ordinary pancake batter. Mix the batter to the boxes specifications, adding water instead of milk. Some people also opt to add a teaspoon or two of vegetable or olive oil to the mixture. I find that using the pancake batter just as it is is sufficient enough for an amazing tasting treat. Dip oreos into the pancake batter and place in a deep fryer that is heated to 350ยบ. Wait for about a minute and turn the oreo around gently, using tongs or a fork. Once the oreo is nice and golden brown, remove it and lay it on paper towel so that any excess oil can be absorbed by the towel. After there is no more oil on the oreo, roll the treat in powdered sugar and eat while it's warm. This recipe tastes just like the boardwalk fried oreos!


  1. If Oreos weren't a decadent enough treat on their they get battered, fried and rolled in powdered sugar. :0)

    I'm sure they are wonderful!

    Have a great Thursday,


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