Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dog Who Drank The Witches' Brew

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It's Friday and I'm so ready to kick my shoes off and relax, so I've decided to post something lighthearted and also in line with the Halloween theme. Enjoy and happy weekend to all.

After the apple picking, we picked a spot to relax near the farm's straw maze close to some Halloween decorations like the three witches brewing some potion. Then this dog comes along and goes straight for the witches' cauldron. I guess he was so thirsty from the apple picking or pumpkin hunting.

A dog's gotta do, what a dog's gotta do.

Bury my face in the witches' cauldron for some witches' brew.
I'm possessed and stop taking my photos...grrrr.
Potion is working and I feel wasted.
The potion didn't work. I'm still itchy. Damn fleas! Fake witches!

And the dog ran and disappeared into the crowd.


  1. just voted Kayni...

    the dog's really funny. i want my little girl to own a pet someday. it's still good to have one..

    have another grand weekend...

  2. Love your photos. I'm driving around my neighborhood today to look for photo-worthy Hallowe'en front lawns.:p

  3. cool. it's fun to watch these creatures, they are such characters

    so pets are allowed eh?

  4. poor dog and ba witch. Her potion should have work. lolz

    Happy Weekend Kayni