Saturday, October 16, 2010

Farmer Cat Ready For Hibernation

Look who I found snoozing on my flower garden today. It's farmer cat. I guess after the busy spring gardening (see her at work here) and the fall harvest, she's taking her time napping and hiding at my flower garden. Well, I'm quite happy to see her all comfy and warm, as the weather has been cooling rather fast.

I think I need to talk her into putting some Halloween costume for the kids. I think she'll make a wonderful Halloween cat or she can watch the sweets for me.

A meowy Saturday to all!


  1. I have the same cat same color almost identical with this cat i named him Noor, I'l post it and will inform you. you will be amazed.

  2. that's your cat? Hangkyut!! hihi.. I'm not really a cat person, pero darn, that cat of yours looks so adorable. =)

  3. @Diamond, Oh I'd love to see a photo of Noor.

    @Kate, I agree :)

    @Leah, She's actually my neighbor's cat, but she loves hanging around my garden.

  4. why dont you get own cat? cats are soooo adorable!