Going to a Professional Football Game

Authored by Raymond Whitney

Football season has arrived, and it's time for me to enjoy my favorite time of year! I love football, and professional football season is the most fun I will have all year. Whether it's at home watching the game on satellite TV from www.directstartv.com or out watching at the actual game, I am loving every minute! Football is the only sport I get this into. I don't know why, but I find it so much more interesting than any other game in professional sports! I am not the type to spend the money to go to concerts and baseball games, I would much rather set that money aside so I can go to as many professional football games as possible. I like to go for the team spirit. In high school I was the captain of my cheering squad, and did it for my love of football. I still find myself making up cheers in the bleachers at professional games, as embarrassing to some as that may be, I have the time of my life! It brings me back to a simpler time in my life and gives me a burst of energy that I haven't had since my cheering days. I appreciate sports fans, as I am a huge one. I feel so lucky that I married a man that is as much one as me!