Hide and Seek Halloween

Content by Sol Rosales

This year is going to be different from the past few halloweens my family and I have went trick or treating on. We usually just take the kids to a local neighborhood and let them trick or treat for a couple of hours. However, this year we are going to a hide and seek trick or treat festival. There are hidden treats everywhere within a maze and the kids along with my husband and I have to find as much candy as possible. Whoever finds the most wins a cash prize also. There is also going to be booths set up within the maze like games and face painting. I know the kids are going to love maze and I am hoping they find the most candy so I can enjoy the cash prize. There is also going to be a best halloween costume contest and I am almost certain one my kiddos will win. This year the boys are going to be a turtle, a fish, and a mouse. The girls are going to be a lollipop and a tootsie roll. No matter how the maze and contests turn out I know we are going to enjoy the ride home because we will all be excited about getting home and watching one of our favorite Halloween movies on Gallatni Tennessee Direct tv packages.