Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love Apples

Fall is easily becoming my favorite season of the year.  Apart from the cooler temperatures, there are so many festivals going on especially in the area where I live.  This year, I couldn't resist the allure of apple picking and I do hope to do this every year.

A weekend spent with sweetness...

 like Red Delicious Apples

 these red delicious were so juicy and sweet

 apple blossom

 mutsu apples

a wagon full of sweetness
 spent the afternoon relaxing on a blue mat
munching on delicious apple fritters
 driving home with fresh baked apple pie
 topped with vanilla ice cream
a perfect way to end a fun filled, sweet day


  1. Waaaaah! Sobrang inggit ako. Send me some, please! Heehee. =)

  2. my husband is an appie pie lover and his quest for the "perfect applie pie" continues. can you give me some tips on where we could get the perfect pie?

  3. wow! apples straight from the tree! how fresher can you get? :)

    i wonder how those apple fritters taste...hmmm.... yummy!

  4. @wits, i wish i could send them to you right from the tree

    @photo cache, of all apple pies i've had, the best one i tasted was the one from the catoctin orchard mountain bakery here in md. i mean, the apple pies are freshly bakes and super tastey.

    @kg, the apple fritter were delicious.

  5. i love apple. apples, i mean. one of the things i so wanted to try when i had the chance to visit the US is apple picking. kaso, work didn't allow it.. (d@mn you, work! :-D)

    i shared this link to my sister right after reading it. nainggit kami ng sobra. hehehe. ayun, she's insisting that we at least go strawberry picking. hehehe.

  6. yay! ang daming apple. kakatuwa naman.

  7. nagngina apples ditoy ngem isu met paboritok tatta a masikog ak.. lalo lately, they smell really sweet..

    it would be nice to experience picking apples. ah.. maybe next time, isu man ti papanan mi, hehe...

  8. Apples, i wonder when i can experience a really nice apple picking treat! Sweet!

  9. I'm sure I'd go apple picking every year too, if I live somewhere near apple trees..hehe.

  10. Kesarrrapp naman nyan sis!! Bigla tuloy akong nangasim! :D

  11. wow ganon pala ang itsura ng apple tree. hitik sa bunga at yong green apple touching the ground na.