Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mushrooms & ABCs Of Me

Last week, I was so busy looking up and taking photos of the yellow and red maple trees when I nearly stepped on these mushroom beauties. Oh what a mess it would have been.

I think it's important to look down so as not to miss the beauty below.

 Here's a funny quote on mushrooms: “Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it's the real thing until it's too late.” (Bill Balance)



Here's something fun to do.


The ABCs of Me


Advocate for: human and animal rights

Book: I'm trying to finish Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Career: energy policy research

Dreams: to be healthy, to be a good friend and partner, to see my family happy, to see the world

Essential items: lip salve, hand lotion, ipod and planner

Favorite song or music: I don't listen to a particular music these days, but I listen to pop and country while I'm driving.

Good at: research, multitasking, travel planning, keeping up with my bills

Hobby: travel, photography, writing letters, blogging and more

Instrument you play: I can play the guitar, but I haven't practiced in a while.

Junkie: peanut butter, kinder bueno and hershey milk chocolate
Kindred Spirit: I think that all good people I have in my life right now are my kindred spirits. There is a reason why they're in my life and why I met them.

Little known fact: I used to join a radio singing contest. I've won second and first place but didn't make it to the Grand Finals.

Memorable moment: When PW took a day off to drive me to NIH for my bone marrow biopsy. I was amazed at how a friend would drop everything to help me.

Name of best friend(s): PW and Weng

Occasional indulgence: getting a facial and a massage

Phobias: None that I can think of.

Quote you like: Life is short. Live every minute of it.

Reason to smile: two weeks in the Mediterranean next month

Sorry about: failing to call home sometimes

Things that are worrying you right now: my health especially my platelets

Uninterested in:  reality TV, horror movies

Vegetable you love: green beans

Worst traits: I'm a worrywart. I try not to, but there are times I can't help but worry about anything to everything.

X-marks my ideal vacation spot: Santorini, Corfu, Reykjavik, Dublin and Hawaii

Yummiest Dessert: baklava and hershey's sundae

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


  1. Look up, look down, look all around you is a good rule of thumb for photography. :)

    And what's worse than eating fake mushrooms? Poisonous ones. Sometimes love can be like that. :P

  2. I think it's important to look down so as not to miss the beauty below.
    -- i agree. some people spend so much time looking up searching for beauty when sometimes, it's just right in front of them... errr... basta. :-)

    Phobias: None that I can think of.
    --are you not afraid that you are not afraid of anything? seriously.

  3. @Eks, ang mga banat mo naman, hahaha...
    @Kayni, i love mushrooms, I always buy them when on the grocery, yung edible ones ha.

  4. i love the pic. i love pics of mushrooms...iba iba kasi sila. :)

    you know what kayni, i was actually thinking of the A-B-C thing a couple of days ago! what a coincidence! i might give it a try!

  5. I think it's important to look down so as not to miss the beauty below.
    ---i agree on this!

    i love reading your ABCs. mas nakilala kita.

  6. that you won a radio singing contest made me smile. =) for some reason, i would have never thought of it about you!

  7. ahhh, HI Kayni, thanks for dropping by Petty Things In Life ... nice to know more of you.. great list.

  8. @ eks, it's possible that i am afraid that i'm not afraid of anything...lol.

    @ sheng, me too, i love making adobo mushrooms.

    @ kg, i hope you do the ABCs too. i had fun doing it.

    @ eds, good to hear from you.

    @ mordsith, i was more confident back then in terms of singing...lol.

    @ vernz, thanks for stopping by.

  9. mushrooms are cool. they always surprise me when i see one. wow your ABCs are cool! maybe i'd do a post like this too kayni!

  10. mushrooms? hmmm.... tamang-tama. The Hobbit is about to start filming. and we all know how hobbits love mushrooms :).

    great photo btw. you must really gone "low" to take this picture.

  11. hi Kayni! my siblings and i really have a funny story about mushrooms---that's it was too late for my brother to realize he had to much of what we thought was not the real thing, hehe...

    ammum met jay ayan tayo, nagganas apan ag-u-ong malpas ti tudo...

    loved the ABCs...

  12. Nice quote! I've never associated mushrooms with romance hehehe

    Wow you are going to the Mediterranean for two weeks? Pwd ba sumama? lol

    The ABCs of me is interesting, hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog =)

    Stay healthy, Kayni.

  13. I like that mushroom quote and beautiful photos (and interesting subject), by the way! I saw that ABC post from Daphne's blog. I feel like writing about mine, too.