Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkins And Gourds

In addition to apple picking, we also joined a throng of people psyched for pumpkin hunting. I thought pumpkins will be scarce this Halloween due to the recent flooding, but I was amazed that a lot of the pumpkins thrived and survived. It was lovely to see the kids out with their parents at the pumpkin patch, and it was a delight to see the deep orange pumpkins scattered all around.

colorful gourds that come in weird shapes and sizes
pumpkin pyramid and on the right is the apple orchard
pumpkins for sale
pumpkin patch with the catoctin mountains as backdrop

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Amusing variety of pumpkin textures in there, I wonder how they'd look when carved for halloween =)

  2. the pumpkin pyramid is so much fun to photograph. did you get your photo taken with it?

  3. kayni! kakatuwa naman mga pumpkins! very timely, as halloween is just around the corner! :)

  4. I love pumpkins and these photos are great!!

    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog.

  5. Wow, the pyramid shot is great. And I agree with the earlier comments, just in time for the halloween.

  6. Lovely pumpkin pyramid and those pumpkins are really huge.

    Trick o Treat!

  7. I love the look of gourds - they are so weird and wonderful.

  8. ang ganda talaga ng kulay ng mga kalabasa - such a happy color, don't you think?

    happy thursday, Kayni! :)