Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purple Bike

It's been a long time since I rode my bike.  I actually wanted to buy a new one, but since it's still a good, sturdy bike, I decided to keep it.

The recent weekend was blessed with beautiful autumn weather so I thought it was time to get back on the pedal. So we packed our bikes on PW's truck, drove to Gettysburg and spent the afternoon biking and just enjoying the scenery.  It was exhilarating to feel the wind through my hair as I freely rode my bike through several downhills. Although Gettysburg looks flat in the photos, there were uphill climbs that made me huff and puff.

My bike and historical Gettysburg.
Passing through green, open fields.
This old water pump reminds me of the same one we have in the Philippines.
There stood a bike and a few civil war cannons.
Shade and getting some rest.
Passed several apple trees and hear the fallen fruits pop underneath my tires.
Segway tours in the park.
A brush of yellow.


  1. I know how segways are so popular lately, but I'd rather pedal my way to sightseeing in that place.

    I didn't ride my bike once this summer :(

  2. lagyan mo ng basket sa harapan yung bike mo. wala lang, mas girly ahihi :P

  3. @ Photo Cache, I agree. I've forgotten how I love biking.

    @ Dyanie, Oo, matagal ko nang planong bumili ng basket :).

  4. i miss riding a bike! and wouldn't it be nice to bike kung ganyan ang scenery mo! dito kasi it's all houses! haay! i want to live in the province!

  5. Sarap naman you have that kind place. I've been wanting to buy a bike (with a basket) for years now but knowing that there's no place or park near for me to bike talaga (I wanted to go to a park and bike), napo-postpone tuloy. Lucky you! :)

  6. nice photos, nice place, nice bike! gusto kong magbike sa ganyang lugar, very relaxing. wow.

    first time here, ow are you?

  7. Whoa there are segway tours in Gettysburg? How's that for ingenuity - modern transport amidst an area steeped in history. Interesting concept, i'd say =)

  8. I tried segway in Sentosa and I love it. But I guess nothing beats riding a bike in that place. Nice pictures Kayni!

  9. I'm thinking of buying a bike now that the winter is approaching. The sight of water pump brought back good old memories. :)