This Weeks College Football Games

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

So unfortunately this week I came down with a horrible cold that has left me on the couch and not at work or anywhere else. Usually I venture out of the house to watch the local college games but since I am unable to at this point in time I tune into the sports channel on my satellite t.v. from and enjoy it with a bowl of popcorn. Now that the games are on my big screen my wife is regretting not making me try and go to work. No longer can she watch Desperate Housewives or her deadly soap operas but now she is stuck watching me scream and toss things at the television when a play is ruined or someone gets hurt. Though I miss the live action of football I am not opposed to spending the rest of the week watching the games on the couch and eating my life away. I guess if I could I'd do it every once in awhile, but unfortunately I have got to go back to work sometime soon. So for now I will soak it up as much as possible for as long as my lovely woman will let me. God knows I love her for this.