Monday, October 4, 2010

A Yummy Post

There were two things I indulged in during my vacation in Ontario - pastries and bread. Somehow, the bread and pastries tasted better in Canada; it must be a psychological thing. But anyway, here are some bread and pastry shots.

Let's drool!
Beautiful blueberry bloom donuts
Cute gingerbread cookies
Cheese bagel with cream cheese - I've had this twice for breakfast.
Chocolate croissant - this is a favorite from Tim Hortons
That's a lot of chocolate :)
Bread, bread, and more bread - I went in a whole freezer of just bread.
Rustic buns

And yes, I went home with three bags of bread - cheese sticks, bear claws, and raisin bread. I ate some during the drive home. It's true, man can't live by bread alone, but some coffee and pastries too.


  1. Tim Hortons! My friends in Canada are so hooked on this too.

  2. It is almost midnight and now I crazily want sweets. Too bad I no longer maintain chocolate stocks. I might pick some spread of Nutella.

  3. Oh where in here can I have those blueberry bloom donuts? =)

    It was donuts just awhile back for us too =)

  4. @ Simply Effortless, I do like Tim Hortons :)

    @ Wits, hmm...Nutella is good. I have a jar at home.

    @ Gremliness, With the cooler temps here, I've been craving more sweet things including donuts.

  5. the best part of your trip is this :D

    i love cream cheese and bagel. i could eat it every single day.

  6. if there's one thing i can eat for the rest of my life, it's bread! yummie!

  7. those blueberry bloom and cheese bagel made me drool :)

  8. it's 7:21 am here in manila and i am eating bagel with cream cheese while reading your post. how funny, huh?

    have a nice day, kayni!


  9. I love this post, i love what the breads look, so yummy!

  10. O.M.G.!!! drooling right now :D if only i could reach through the screen and grab those goodies! Everything looks so good.

  11. You can never go wrong with Tim Hortons! It's what Dunkin Donuts is to America as it is to Canada. :)

    I'm glad there's Tim Hortons in New York City!

  12. cheese bagel with cream cheese! i love cheese on my bagel or bread. i just love cheese =)

  13. hi kayni!

    indeed, you made me drool.. it's past 11pm here in korea and i happen to live in the middle of vast farmlands now, unlike 5 months ago when i could just step out at this time of night and still see open bake and coffee shops so yeah, i'll just dream about bread and coffee again tonight..haha..

    i love bread. and now i miss my dad's favorite raisin bread from a bakery in la trinidad, haha..

    i hope to get a tin of Tim Hortons i can enjoy months after my little shaker comes out...

  14. I had Tim Horton's when I was in Ohio. I like the bread in the US... there's just so much variety!

  15. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It's always nice to hear from new people.

  16. Whoa, that cheese bagel with cream cheese looks so divine, I'm such a big fan of cheese so this is right up my alley.