Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn At Lake Whetstone

It seems that every year (or any time of the year), I go back to this place, Lake Whetstone. I used to live close to this community, and I remain amazed at the lake's serene beauty which is magnified during autumn. It's a quick getaway from life's daily grind and the lake itself is an easy access or drive from I-270. It is here where I've taken lots of walks and stared quietly at the lake as I get lost in my thoughts. Somehow, I found the lake's company soothing and relaxing.

It is here where I've practiced taking photos with my then brand new Nikon last year. The lake and wildlife thriving in the area are perfect subjects for an amateur photographer like me. By far, autumn is my favorite time to visit because I know the trees around the lake are ready to show off some colors. With my several visits during the year, I figured out that early in the morning is the best time to take photos especially when it's not breezy or windy. When I took the photos below, I was lucky because the lake was calm and the surrounding houses and autumn foliage were perfectly reflected on the lake like a mirror.

As I post these photos, autumn is slowly bidding goodbye in the area. There are still colors but not as bountiful like last month. Nevertheless, I am so thankful and glad I was able to capture autumn this year. I will be posting more autumn themed photos. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them as I had a blast taking photos of autumn's lovely colors.


  1. Kayni, I would need 8 gig of memory and a whole Costco pack of double A batteries if I were there :)

  2. Oh my! Your photos are beautiful! Wish I lived somewhere near a lake or river... oh wait, i live close to the Pasig River! haha.

  3. @ Photo Cache, I just went through a whole pack of double A I bought more this weekend. Photography is expensive.

    @ Kate, Thank you. It certainly helps that this area is easy access where I live. I heard of the plan to revive Pasig. I hope it's now on-going.

  4. i live near a lake, so i know how you feel. i practice taking photos there too. autumn by the lake is wonderful to photograph because of the orange reflections on the water. they're like orange broccolis. :P

  5. I love the photo!!
    keep posting...

    oh by the way here's my new blog..
    I transferred it to my domain hehe...

    please do check it out... thanks!!

  6. Oh, how lovely! I definitely enjoyed looking at your photos, especially that we don't have fall here in Pinas. I am experiencing it vicariously through your pictures :) Thank you for sharing how your side of the world looks like during fall.

  7. again Kayni, you make me envy you how you captured autumn this year.. there's a cold spell here right now and i hope it will really ease up as forecasted by tomorrow. i also hope my hubby and i am not yet late for our favorite season travel scheduled this weekend. we are heading south so we could still capture some..

  8. Beautiful shots! I love the natural reflection effect. :)

  9. you are sooo good! i wish i could take landscape photos like you :)

    what a lovely serene place. i could just sit there for hours and hours.

  10. lovely shots, kayni. so lovely that they resemble those only seen in travel magazines.

    have a great day! :)

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