Monday, November 29, 2010

Autumn At Montgomery Village II

Today's my first day of work after a two-week vacation and it's painful. I feel like a new employee all over again trying to catch up with new cases and issues we're dealing with. My jet lag isn't helping as I am sleepy and tired most of the time. In addition to catching up, I was shocked to find out one of my coworkers resigned while I was away. I feel sad because I didn't have time to say goodbye to her; she's been a wonderful coworker and she's one of the people I get along with really well in the office. I'm hoping we can still schedule lunch before she settles at her new job. I'll surely miss her.

With winter slowly invading the area, I can't help but miss the colors of autumn just like I'll miss working with C, my coworker.

Here are more autumn photos I took at Montgomery Village.

"A few days ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made.  The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air." (Sloane)


  1. super nice ang colors! ang ganda ng autumn! :)

    i can relate to your feelings on going back to work. ganyan ako every monday! he he!

  2. when i went to shanghai may mga ganyan din na background kaya todo picture ako sa ilalim ng mga puno dahil walang ganyang season sa pinas haha :P nakaka koreanovela ang ganyang background :)

  3. Beautiful photos! I know how it feels when one has just returned from a wonderful vacation. I just want to sleep all day whenever that happens. But I am happy for you, sounds like you had a wonderful break. :)

  4. ay grabe super love ko ang picture pero yung title ang more stricking sa akin hehe
    yung country song nakinakanta namin dati yung
    it's midnight in Montgomery hehe..
    at saka meeeee tooooo sa monday sickness ko hehehe...

  5. @ kg, same here. it's toughest to psyche myself to work on mondays.

    @ eds, i agree.

    @ dyanie, oo nga, i saw a korean novela too and they're really good with choosing the settings.

    @ wits, thank you. it was a much needed break. i'm happy too kaya lang physically my body isn't that so quick on recovery.

    @ ellah, i miss county music. iba kasi kapag nakikinig ka ng county music and you're in baguio or the mountain provinces. i miss seeing those bus drivers in boots and leather

  6. Fall is so beautiful in your part of the world. Hope you settle down at work soon. I know how difficult that can be !

  7. hi Kayni! i hope you're feeling better today..

    lol! i still can remember going back to work 2 weeks after our wedding and honeymoon. Alex had to leave for Korea for our papers.. haay. while others said i really looked bloomin, lol.. i was actually suffering inside because everything seemed new to me again and that there's no one to go home to that night anymore..

  8. I always love your photos. They're so vivid and beautiful.

    I didn't know you went to so many countries in your vacation. That's probably why you're tired =) But it seemed like you really had a great time!

    Looking forward to your travel posts.