Finally Reading The Source Material

Guest post written by Cynthia Perry

For a lot of women my age, the TV series Sex and the City was almost like a guide book for us about the ins and outs of dating. Now I realize that it probably wasn't the best example, but that definitely didn't stop us from watching it and still comparing the stuff that happens in our lives to what happened in the characters lives.

Well even though I'm a proud owner of the entire TV series on DVD, I had never read the book so I went online a few weeks ago to order it. That's when I ran across this website and started to think about switching it over as my internet company, which I did just a few days ago.

I'm reading the Sex and the City book now and it's really different from what I expected. I thought that the characters would be more developed but I can still tell how the writers of the show came up with ways to develop the characters that we know so little about from the book.