Fun and Daunting Furniture Shopping

Guest post of the week by Robby Sykes

Heading out to the furniture store can be both fun and a little daunting. I say that only because for my husband and I to both go and pick out new furniture, we also have four kids to bring along! So, picking out new things can be fun for all of us but a little crazy too, as we try to explain that the beds they have set up in the store are not meant for jumping on. We will probably be heading out to some cheaper places first like KMart or Walmart. They often have pretty good deals on some of the items we are looking for. Our main focus right now is looking for a toddler bed for our youngest daughter. It is time for her to move from the crib so, hopefully we find some thing good. I just wish those stores had more of a selection set up in their store. If we don't find anything at either of those places, we may check out some real furniture stores like Levin or Roomful Express and then we will head back home to watch our direct tv hd packages. Maybe a good movie will be on for us all to watch.