Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Travel And More

Packing for this two-week vacation is tougher than I thought. I'm so used to just throwing everything in my red backpack then head out with my passport and ticket, but this coming trip includes a week at sea and a week traversing on land. Although half of the trip will be spent on a backpack like travel, it is the cruise thing that throws off my packing technique.

Although I've worked for a cruise line before, this is the first time I'm going on a cruise holiday. There's a dress attire included on the ship's itinerary and it includes at least two formal nights; this I'm not used to and formality isn't really my cup of tea. When I travel, I stuff my travel bag with cargo pants, jeans and any other comfortable casual clothing I could find. I'm more of a backpacker, which is quite far off from the cruise culture that I know off. Still, I packed one dress that I could pair with my sneakers...LOL. Or, I'll just order room service during formal nights.

I think I'm done with the packing, so it's just controlling my nerves during the long flight. Somehow, fear of flight is suddenly an issue with me. This is a new thing, and it's not that I'm new to flying. I'm puzzled myself because I've traveled quite a lot in the past , so where the hell is this fear of flight coming from?


  1. Can I guess? Alaska cruise and land tour or the Americas cruise with land tours to Machu Pichu (both of which you know I would love to take, inggit)

    I hate formal nights. I hate dressing up. That's why I love NCL - the do whatever,whenever,however cruise liner.

    Enjoy and take lots of photos.

  2. wow! cruising!! take lots of pics ah!! the HOT men!! hahahha!! :))

  3. Take bunch of photos!

    I have a wild guess, too, on where you're headed. I hate formals. Even at the office, I sometimes wish I can match my sneakers with corporate suit. ;) Take care!

  4. Oh, am I too eager to see how the formal dress go well with the sneakers so I can try it too next month =)

    Enjoy much the trip and yeah, I look forward to lots of photos here =)

  5. two weeks of travel! i am envious. have fun, kayni! :)

  6. wow!!! i've always wanted to go on a cruise but since i can't swim and the fear of ending up in the water while on cruise prevents me from even trying to make a reservation for a cruise....kkkkk

  7. Let me reckon a guess on where this sudden fear of flying stems from. :D

    Maybe it is because you are not 100% sure that what you packed is appropriate for the trip thus a certain uneasiness develops over your long flight? I dunno I'm just guessing lol

    Enjoy and have loads of fun! =)

  8. Ha ha ha Kayni, OK na rin siguro yung dress at sneakers! Kidding aside, I think you'll pull off naman wearing a dress. You're not just used to it pa.

    Enjoy the cruise, don't ever order room service! ha ha Take care! :)

    Will look forward to your pics!

  9. Wow! You're going on a cruise! And I bet it will be so much fun!

  10. I'll pack for you, if you would bring me along! haha

    I agree with Lene. Don't order room service. =)

  11. Have a great time Kayni!

    I'd love to go on a cruise too. Pero dapat kami lang ni hubby walang kasamang baby dapat hehe.