Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Part 2: Shenandoah National Park

In the mountains, time stood still. There are no work deadlines to be met, no blaring beeping of cars stuck in traffic, and no work politics or corporate mambo jambo to decipher. Up there, the singing crickets, the soft breeze that ruffle the leaves, and the birds reign supreme. All the usual everyday stress of life seems so far and distant and I loved it.

A town below.
That's the road we took to get up here. Lots of winding roads similar to Zig Zag Road.
Fall foliage.
In between fall and winter.
Blue Ridge Mountains.
My famous shoes and I, sitting on a rock, waiting for sunset.


  1. I'm so glad for you to have those places to run to once in awhile, to regain energy and experience peace that will keep you well...

  2. just the getaway i need, really...

    oh, for our trip scheduled next weekend, i'm still hoping to see something like this. there are times we actually end up arguing coz he'd first say we're going somewhere grand. i would already have big expectations, then suddenly, he'd say on the travel day itself that we're going somewhere else.
    i'm just hoping that wherever this man brings me, we'd still get to enjoy looking at something like the photos you've shown us...

  3. Wow great scenery! You are so lucky to find a place where you can just 'turn off'. =)

  4. My favorite shot is the first photo. It gives a vibrant feel. I anticipate to see romantic sunset shots on your next post. :)

  5. that's what i love about mountains. the stillness. malayo sa ingay.

  6. thanks for bringing most of us to the world we have never seen before..
    and oh! Nice shoes!