Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boscolo Bellini Venezia: A Review

For our first night in Venice, we booked one night at the Boscolo Bellini Hotel. I love the location of this hotel. It is both walking distance from the Santa Lucia Station and the Piazalle Roma. There are also several vaporetto stops in close proximity to the hotel, so it's a great place if you like to stay close to all different types of transportation. Mind you but I still prefer to walk and get lost on the streets of Venice. Also, close to the hotel are a number of shops, cafe bars, restaurants and including a Farmacia right in front of the hotel.

For a hotel that claims to be a 4 star, I found our room to be good and adequate but not great. I did love the antique look and the beautifully painted ceiling, and the receptionist was helpful and polite. The bathroom was small and the shower area cramp that the water was splashing everywhere when I took a shower. In my travels within Italy though, I think bathrooms are a lot smaller compared to ones in American hotels. Still, our room provided what we needed - a clean bed and a place to shower. Since we were staying for one night, this room was manageable for us.

For this hotel, I have two main complaints: (1) Our room's heater was broken and kept the room so hot all night long. We had to sleep with the windows open, but I happen to observed that even the flooring was heated. We even turned off the heater, but it seems the heater has a mind of its own. Even the maintenance guy didn't know how to fix it and just left without resolving the problem or offering a solution to our heater concerns. Since we were staying for one night, we decided to keep the room and sleep with the windows open which did the trick. (2) The hotel's wireless Internet didn't work. When I asked the receptionist about the connection, she claims that their Internet doesn't work with American computers. Go figure! I think that's an easy reason for them to avoid dealing with the Internet problem.

This is actually two twin beds put together to make it look like a king.

I love this deco piece.

The is the ceiling and it's very relaxing to look at it before you sleep.

Shampoo and simple essentials.

Our room had the Venetian look and feel.

This hotel is good for a one night stay, and it provided what we needed for the time being. I'm really hoping they'd get that room's heater fixed soon and that Internet problem resolved. But then again, finding the best hotel that suits your needs is all in the matter of the consumer. I would recommend this hotel for a quick stay and that the location is GREAT, but if you were to stay for a longer period of time, maybe it's best to look and compare other hotels in the area. As for me, I still prefer a hotel that would go above and beyond to meet their customers' needs especially that we paid $125 for one night at this hotel.

Boscolo Bellini
Lista di Spagna, 116/A
30121 Venice, Italy
041 524 2488


  1. bummer for the heater! at least the room looked nice.

  2. when we travel we stay in luxurious hotels and also in seriously dingy backpacker hostels. there are times, though, when i find the latter more fun and exciting. they have more character, i guess.. :)

  3. I've observed that hotels in Europe tend to be quite small and sparsely decorated with the bare essentials like a bed and a tiny weeny bathroom. But as you mentioned since it is just one night i guess it is tolerable broken heater and lousy internet connection et al hehe :)

  4. what a lame excuse to say their internet does not work on american computers! did elizabeth gilbert have that problem? oh wait, she didn't stay at that hotel...

    i mean come on, nowadays, internet should come standard with accommodations!

  5. @ kg, I agree. The room has a really Venetian feel.

    @ Angeli, I agree. I still use hostels on my travels alone especially when it's more of a backpacking trip.

    @ Daphne, I have the same observation with European hotels. They're ok, but it's the heater and the non-working Internet that got me peeved.

    @ Faery, I agree totally.

  6. I seriously hoped you took those toiletries home with you :)

    WEll, chalk that stay to experience.