Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cuties Of Cavtat

Cats everywhere! Small cats, big cats, friendly cats, snobbish cats, and cute cats!

Strolling through the waterfront of Cavtat, you won't miss these cute, cuddly, friendly kitties; they seem to be roaming the area. I was busy taking photos when the first kitty approached me. Of course, I couldn't refuse taking photos and playing with these kitties.

Today, I present the cuties of Cavtat.

I badly wanted to take one of them home especially the one on the last photo.


  1. Oh, they're different cats? The grey variety seems plenty there, eh? Charming!

  2. so cute and all of them are gray! i love them <3

  3. mukhang babing baby pa ung last cat. i would have taken one of them home :)

  4. oh my, PM's gonna tumble when she sees this post (i hope you know her).

    i'm not really a fan of animals that are furry. i didn't grow up being used to them.

  5. Aww... how cute are they!! The kitty in the first photo looks like my cat.

  6. oh so sweet ;) i have the same feeling whenever I go to Bulgaria and see all these cats roaming freely.. they even have siamese and long haired ones not just normal tabby cats