Friday, December 3, 2010

Exploring Splendour Of The Seas

After checking-out (gladly) from Bellini, we walked to Piazalle Roma to catch the free shuttle to our ship, Splendour of the Seas. The shuttle service was quick, and once we were at the Stazione Marittima, the check-in went smoothly. The welcome crew of our cruise ship were there smiling and directing us where we ought to go. Checking-in to a cruise ship is the same as checking-in to an airport - ID checks, confirmation number, and security check. Since we checked in really early, we had time to walk around and explore the ship.

Looking down at the ship's main lobby.

Boats docked at the terminal.

Heated pool at the Solarium.

The pool which we never used.

Another boat.

The other cruise ship owned by MSC.

Another ship waiting to be filled.

Fun on board.

This is the main lobby, which serves as the center of activities from singing, dancing to contests.

Home while at sea.

Tour tickets and the Cruise Compass newsletter which is published daily during the duration of the cruise.

And so we set sail to sea and the adventure begins.


  1. kayni!!! u always make me envy with your travel stories! waaaah its cruising this time! :D

  2. embarkation day is fun and exploring the boat is equally interesting.

    now to the deep fried turkey----

    it is just the best thing i've tasted. the 16-lb turkey cooked in less than 1 hr, not greasy, moist, and utterly delicious.

    we dallied about getting the oil for frying - peanut is recommended, has a higher burning capacity or something - so on the eve hubs went all over the place to find peanut oil. sold out everywhere. we decided to get two large containers of corn oil and a large container of vegetable oil. and the result was outstanding.

    next time though i would try to use peanut oil and see what the difference in taste.

    but i'd suggest you try deep frying the turkey, you'll love it.

  3. kayni, i'm really scared of the seas...
    this post reminded me of a good friend who eventually wanted to marry me. he's a seaman and i think that at the time, maybe that's the only reason that kept me from saying no, kkk..
    but he got over us eventually, got married ahead of me and now, he's living well with his wife in london..kkk...

  4. exciting! isa yan sa mga gusto ko itry, ang cruise ships! iwonder how it differs from the normal traveling.

  5. ohh, the photos look gorgeous! this is something i wish to do too say in within the next five years?

    have a great time =)

    Lui of Pinaywifespeaks

  6. sabi ko na nga ba.. mali yung naisulat ko.. puyat kase, kkk.. i meant, his being a seaman was the only reason that kept me from saying yes...

  7. wow! tour via cruise naman ngayon. sounds fun.

  8. Beautiful place, room, everything! Wish we can go experience a cruise too someday :) How long were you guys on the ship?

  9. enjoy your cruise!!!!

    the ship is lovely. i wonder when i can experience that. :)

  10. I've only been to a dhow cruise so far (for dinner lang!). I'm excited to hear the other details about your trip. ;)

  11. did you try the wall climbing thingy, kayni? parang exciting. hahah

  12. @ Angeli, No, I didn't try the wall climbing - I was either too full from the buffet or too tired from the