Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

Contribution by Elmo Farmer

The perfect Christmas tree is always so hard to find.

We are a bit old-fashioned, according to some people. We enjoy bundling up in our warmest clothes, setting the home security alarm (ADT security Phoenix pricing) and driving out to the woods to find a good tree. It is not a long drive to get there, but we enjoy spending the time together.

One year, it took us four hours of wandering around those woods before we found one that would work. All of them were so small that year, but we finally found the perfect fit for our living room. It was a gorgeous pine tree, with cones still attached. We ended up painting those cones where they hung and never picked them off.
The best part of going out every year and finding the right tree is, of course, coming home and making hot chocolate. We always end up putting way too many marshmallows in, but, to me, that is the best part.
We have had this tradition for as long as I can remember and plan on doing it again. It's something I look forward to throughout the year.


  1. wow, hope to see that tree soon... thanks dear for dropping by my blog.. all the best .. God bless you more.


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