A Gift For The Lady That Reads Nonstop

Guest post written by Lizzie Harmond

Whenever I have to get a gift for my sister, it puts me in a pretty stressful state because I never have any clue what to get her. Plus, I care even more about what she thinks about the gifts because she is my sister and we're pretty close.

She's a really big reader and is always telling me about all kinds of novels that she knows I would love, but I really don't even know how she finds out about them. But I guess that because she's so dedicated to reading, she goes off the beaten bestsellers track for a lot of the books she reads. When I was thinking about that the other day and trying to figure out what I could get her, I came across the website clearwirelessinternet.com and after taking some time to look at it, chose to change my home internet access to it.

Then I got the idea to get her an e reader! I know that she's not against the idea of reading from one, but she just hadn't felt the pressure to buy one yet. I think that she'll love it!