Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ICE! At The Potomac

On Saturday evening, PW and I got two tickets for a 7:00 PM entrance to see ICE! How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which is according to the Gaylord National website, an indoor wonderland where your family can explore 10 different holiday scenes created entirely of two-million pounds of ice, including thrilling ice slides that stand more than 2 stories tall. ICE! is hand-sculpted by 40 international artisans and kept at a chilling 9 degrees!

And yes, it was freezing inside the dome. Three rules apply when you're going to see ICE:  (1) no touching; (2) no sitting; and, (3) no licking of any of the ice sculptures.
All visitors are given a parka before entry.

That mischievous smile.

Impressive ICE!


  1. LOL on no licking!

    What a treat. Are all those ice sculptures in colors?

  2. @ Photo Cache, Most of the ice sculptures are in colors except for the blocks of ice made to create an igloo in the exhibit.

  3. Ay buti pwede magdala ng cameras. Meron din parang ganyan dito, sa may Star City pero bawal ang camera haha