Friday, December 10, 2010

Konavle Valley: Croatia

Time doesn't exist in the Konavle Valley.

Visiting Konavle made me feel that I was worlds away from my usual life. The place is so peaceful, serene and natural. Here, I was mesmerized by the crystal clear Ljuta River; it is by far the cleanest river I've ever seen.

This is the view from our table.
Restaurant servers wearing traditional Konavle dresses.
Ancient water mill.
Another view of the Ljuta River.
 Restaurant Konavoski Dvori is situated just beside the beautiful Ljuta River. I really enjoyed their cheese and smoked meats. 
 This Roman waterway stood the test of time.
Being here really made me listen to my thoughts.




  1. it does look like a clean river. actually, prang di nga sya natural river but a manmade one! :)

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  3. Beautiful. I never realised Croatia was so lovely but I keep coming across all these blogs with photos of Croatia and it is breath-takingly pretty. Thanks for your sweet comments on my post.

  4. I really like to travel to East Europe and learn about their culture.

    How was the food, will that be on your food blog?

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  6. Beautiful photos, enjoying your blog as a new follower. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Janet from and

  7. it would have felt like you were in another time while walking around the area...

  8. Yeah, that looks like a really clean river. And definitely a nice view for breakfast or lunch.

  9. That's clean! And the restaurant's servers' get-up can make you feel you are in another world. :)

  10. I could just stay there and die. It sure looks like a nice place to make muni muni!

  11. Wow naman, that's definitely one kind of place I would've love to go and see the river while eating. O kaya naman, di ko na magawang kumain at tumingin na lang sa tubig. :) Ang ganda nya Kayni!

  12. when i started reading your first paragraph, ang naiisip ko, yung napakaliwanag na paligid ng Pandora (Avatar). :-)

    ang ganda ng lugar.