My NBA Game History

Authored by Greg Fletcher

I started going to NBA games when I was a little child. My father would bundle me up on a cold morning and we would take the car into the city to see a game. He always made sure to set our Adt home security before we left. We would leave early in the morning so that we could walk around the city before the game and look in all the shop windows. We would stop at a street vendor and grab a hot dog and soda for lunch and then head off to the stadium to see the NBA game.

We never really had a favorite team, it was more the day out for us. We made it a big event each year when we would go. After the game was over, we would always stop and have a quick bite to eat and then head to the parking garage to get the car. We could never eat too much when we stopped because we had eaten a lot of the vending stuff in the stadium.

We always hit traffic on our way out of the city because it seemed that every other father and child were doing the same thing we were and were now headed home. It didn't matter to us, we spent time together and had a great day out each year.