The Smell of Peppermint

Posted by Von Battle

The smell of peppermint will always serve as a reminder of Christmas to me, from the candy canes that graced the trees, to the soft peppermint sticks that were used to stir our hot chocolate. Nothing says Christmas as much as the peppermint chocolate bark. This dark chocolate bark, had crushed peppermint littering its surface. When you put it into your mouth, it introduced the smooth rich chocolate flavor to your taste buds, along with the pungent, sharp taste and aroma of the peppermint. It was a heavenly combination. It had been years since I had tasted chocolate peppermint bark, and one year I decided to try to make it. I don't know what ingredient I was missing, but it did not have the same taste as that of my youth.

One night when I was about half sleep, I saw an advertisement on satellite television from for old fashion Christmas candy, and there it was. The peppermint bark that I remembered. I wrote the number down beside my bed, but forgot about it the following morning. A couple of weeks later, when I was looking for something else on my nightstand, I ran across the number again. I decided to order it, and I am so glad that I did. It was just like I remembered, rich and chocolaty with the wonderful taste and aroma of peppermint.


  1. wow! its to experience a trip like this

  2. i can almost taste the peppermint. lovely writing :)


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