Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Venice, The Second Time

I love you and I can't wait to see you soon.



It was my second visit to Venice, and boy, I was so thrilled to see the "City of Canals" again. We boarded the ATVO bus (make sure you board the Venice Piazzale Roma: Express Service) from the Marco Polo Airport, which only cost 3 Euros per person. This is a cheaper alternative to taking water or land taxis from the airport. And since we were taking a cruise ship the next day, we decided to stay at a hotel near Piazzale Roma, which is the main hub for all types of buses and is walking distance to the Venice Santa Lucia Train Station and the Stazione Marittima (Main Terminal). Also, cruise operators offer a free shuttle pick up from Piazalle Roma to the cruise ship.

Venice felt chilly in autumn, but it's the welcoming kind. As I dragged my noisy (thumping through the cobbler stones) wheeled luggage from Piazzale Roma to our hotel, I heard the familiar hum of the vaporetto (water taxis) making its way through the Grand Canal, a shop keeper shouting in Italian on the background (sounds more like singing actually), an elderly woman walking a poodle with a coat, a colorful fruit stand with chestnuts roasting on the side, and the churning of the canals' currents and tides as the water taxis buzzed their way to the next stop. Everything felt familiar yet also new. Seeing Venice again is like seeing an old friend because it was the city that I fell-in-love with during one of my trips to escape the noise and hustle of Rome.

Here are my first few shots of Venice on our first day.

Shops and shops
A man and his dog making their way through the canal
A mask shop
Blue moons
I took this photo from a mask shop display, but photos weren't allowed inside the store
A parked gondola
Attraversiamo (borrowed from Eat, Pray, Love) or let's cross over
No traffic
Red boat


  1. one of the cities i would really love to visit someday

  2. we've been wanting to take this same cruise :)

    this was the same route that we signed up for last year, but changed it the minute the price dropped on that barcelona-rome-athens-cairo cruise came. sana i'll get another chance to book this cruise. i would love to see venice.

    tell me about the sweet, is it bread?

  3. i love the way you described it when you were on your way to your hotel. it gave me a feel of the place, even without the pictures.

  4. parang nakakatakot naman mag stay jan sa mga building na yan. hindi ba uso ang baha jan. hehehe

    nice photos kayni!

  5. I've always loved Venice for its gondolas. But omg they cost a fortune but I guess the view + the gorgeous gondolier who would sing in Italian is worth the hefty price ;)

  6. Hopefully we get to save for an Italy tour in a year or two, then I'll come back in your Italy posts for some thoughts =)

    Yes, nice pixs Kayni...

  7. Great pictures!! Venice, my home town, is always so beautiful!

  8. Curious about the sweets too. They look like bread to my naive eyes hehehe.

  9. @ Cher, It's a beautiful place to visit. I hope you visit soon.

    @ Photo Cache, We really enjoyed this cruise, and I hope you'll get to do it too.

    @ Photo Cache and Mumsified, The sweets there is like the Filipino meringue. Crunchy :).

    @ Angeli, struggle for words pays of Thanks.

    @ Eds, The buildings are ok, but yes, flooding is a big problem here. I'll be posting some pics on some flooded areas.

    @ Daphne, A gondola ride now is 100 Euros per ride, so we decided not to do it. But I agree, it is a great experience to ride one.

    @ Gremliness, Oh it's a beautiful place to visit. I'm sure the family will have a wonderful time.

    @ Monicacesarato, I'm glad to meet you here and thank you for the visit. Venice is beautiful.

  10. oh my! gondola! nasa list ko yan! kelan kaya waaaah!

  11. one of the cities i also love to visit someday..

    the sweets look so yummy..
    ahh.. sweets again.. that's why Soo Ae is a week bigger,kkk...

    thank you again for sharing your photos Kayni. I bet you have a lot of pictures of the place and maybe just found it hard to decide which ones to post.. kkk...