Fixing New Year's Eve Dinner

Guest post written by Kenny Black

This year I thought that I would do something really nice for my wife and surprise her with New Year's Eve dinner. I told her that we're going to go out for a really nice dinner that night. She's going to be at her mom's for most of the day so I think that I'll be able to keep from her figuring out what I'm doing until dinner is ready.

Even though I'm a pretty decent cook, I don't fix meals all that often. But I cooked a lot of dinners for my sister and I growing up because of my mom's work schedule. I got the menu and recipes online though because I wanted to do something extra special. While I was online looking up those recipes, I came across some Clear internet pricing information and after I looked through it a little bit, I signed our household up for the internet service.

For the New Year's Eve dinner, I'm gong to fix some classic southern dishes that she grew up on and misses getting to eat a lot now. I just hope that she'll be okay that I told her a story about us going out to eat.